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  • Alpine House Painter

    mixed media painting 18" x 11.5" on illustration board.

  • Collared Green

    11" x 19" ink and watercolor painting. Brown frame with burnt sienna mat. only one available.

  • German Landscape

    10" x 6" oil painting on board (unframed) only one available.

  • Great Gecko

    10" x 7" watercolor painting (unframed) only one available.

  • See My Teeth!

    7" x 10" watercolor painting (unframed) only one available.

  • Tele-boots

    7" x 5" watercolor with colored pencil (unframed) only one available.

  • You Can't See Me

    10" x 7" watercolor painting (unframed) only one available.


Paintings are all originals so there's only one available (please don't add other quantities in the cart). Commissions accepted.

Christmas cards, linoleum prints, and ornaments: 100% of sales will be donated to my Mom who is fighting sarcoma cancer. You can donate to her here.
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