Duck Girl Art
Why duck girl? Well now that's the million dollar question. Since she can remember, Cindy Coleman has always been a fan of the waterfowl. When she was in art school she used to sketch at the local animal refuge, and had many excellent conversations with the ducks. After graduation she moved on to bigger things (does it get bigger than CNN?) and delved into graphic design. Eventually she heard the call of the mountains and she and her husband headed west. She still freelanced illustration from time to time, but it was the graphic design that kept her busy. 

Then, in the summer of 2008, a friend asked "why don't you paint ducks?" The lightbulb came on, the animal paintings began, and she hasn't stopped painting since.

With over seventeen years of experience, Cindy Coleman runs her own graphic design and illustration business, and when that's not keeping her busy she paints animals, takes pictures, and brainstorms her next big idea.

Oh, and yes, Cindy still talks to ducks whenever she 
sees them.


for graphic design and illustration 
that you can quack about.
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